JavaScript In-line SDK

We offer a JavaScript in-line SDK to easily integrate into your existing website and provide rather complex features in an easy way.

Akowe Popup provides a simple and convenient payment flow for web. It can be integrated in two easy steps, making it the easiest way to start using Akowe on your website.

The sample HTML and JavaScript below is all you need to get started.

<html xmlns="">
    <script src=""></script>
    <button onclick="AkoweCreateTemplate('');">Open Template</button>
    <button onclick="AkoweIssueCertificates('');">Issue Loaded Certificates</button>

That is all that is needed to get Akowe running on your website.

The script tag in the header references Akowe's JavaScript in-line SDK.

Create Template

To create a new template on Akowe that can be used in future to issue certificates, call the function AkoweCreateTemplate and pass the email attached to your account as argument as seen in line 7 above. This will popup Akowe's template creation tool right on your website. You can follow the prompt, upload your certificate's image and set all paremeters.

Template creation full view

To get a full overview of how template creation works visually and all you can do, please visit the dashboard and click Create New Certificate.

Issue Certificates

To issue certificates visually from your website and watch the progress in real time, call the function AkoweIssueCertificates and pass the email attached to your account as argument as seen in line 8 above.

Before issuing certificates

Please note that you must call the API endpoint

before you can issue certificates via the popup.

Alternatively, you can use the dashboard to populate the certificates you wish to send, then they will also be available on the popup plugin.

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